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[Debconf-discuss] DebConf9 credits: help make sure we didn't miss anyone

Hello everyone,

We are working on the DebConf9 final report, and want to make sure
that everyone gets credited.  Below are two links - one for the
conference itself, one for those who have helped write or assemble the
final report.  We hope we have gotten everyone, but with so many
helpers it's possible/likely we've left someone out.

Please look over the two links below, and if you notice anyone
missing, please let us know - email or IRC works(, or direct SVN
addition if you happen to have that).

DebConf9 credits:

DebConf9 final report credits:

(If anyone would like to help revise other texts in this directory,
please feel free, too.)

Thank you,

- Richard

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