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[Debconf-discuss] Art gallery visit during DebConf 10


I am informally planning a visit to an art gallery during DebConf 10 in
New York. :)  (I will freely admit this was inspired by Clint's blog
post[0]. Conversing obnoxiously is, however, optional.)

[0] http://xana.scru.org/xana2/ranticore/personalrelationships/

I would welcome suggestions as to the best places to visit.  So far my
favourite is the Museum of Modern Art[1], because of course Debian is a
work of modern art in itself!

[1] http://www.moma.org/

At this point I could make some observation about the opportunities for
developing social relationships between developers.  But mostly I think
I'd regret not visiting some of the cultural highlights of New York; and
we need a break from hacking anyway, right?

If there is enough interest nearer the time, I will happily submit this
as an event, and set about getting group discounts etc.  This email is
mostly so that I do not forget the idea.  Perhaps there will be time for
visiting museums/concerts as well, if people do not like art galleries.


Tim Retout <tim@retout.co.uk>

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