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[Debconf-discuss] Openmoko Buzz Fix Party ticket.

Some various has asked me why the need of registration for the ticket
of the Buzz fix party,
There are 2 main reasons,
The first one is because the fix is not instantaneous, is about half
an hour per phone, so having a prevision on how many phones  to be
reapaired that day will give us a good idea of the stress level our
"Iron man" will have to suffer, how many beer, an how many peanuts we
will have to bring :)

The second is I have to report back the serial numbers and country  of
the repaired phones to Openmoko Inc,  having this info will save to
have to take it by hand or at least we will have a printed grid to
take note of that serial number .

Nothing more nothing less, no other obscure intention than add a
little bit of organization before the party.

Those who wants to still want to fix their neos please register at ,

David Reyes Samblas Martinez
Open ultraportable & embedded solutions
Openmoko, Openpandora,  Arduino
Hey, watch out!!! There's a linux in your pocket!!!

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