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[Debconf-discuss] arriving a bit early

eagre to get to work during debcamp, it seems i've managed to schedule to
arrive in caceres about 1 day early, the evening of july 15th.  though the
first day for sponsored lodging is the 16th, according to:


when i set my dates of arrival in pentabarf, it issues a warning for july 14th,
but not for july 15th. perhaps pentabarf and the above site should be in sync?

i might be able to find something for a night, if absolutely necessary, though
if there is the possibility of getting lodging with other debcamp attendees,
that would be great.

if there are suggestions for cheap lodging in caceres, that would be great,
too. i see some links here:


thanks for all your work!

live well,

p.s. i'm not subscribed to either list, please CC me in any direct responses.

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