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Re: [Debconf-discuss] How to get the "web" rate for Madrid → Caceres (and back) trains

> - http://www.renfe.com
> - In the left part "Compra de Billetes", fill in as follows:
>   - "Ida" for a one-way trip and "Ida y Vuelta" for a return tickeet
>   - In the first drop down list (showing "A Coruna" by default, choose
>     "Caceres" (of course for a Caceres-Madrid trip)
>   - In the second, choose "Madrid (*)"
>   - Fill in the date field (DD-MM-YYYY) or hit the calendar and choose
> the date
>   - Choose the number of passengers in "Num. Viajeros"
>   - Click "Buscar"
> - A new browser window opens 
>   - Pick the train you want and choose the fare you want. In our case
>     "Talgo 00197" and 12.40 in the "Web" column
>   - Fill in the captcha at the bottom of the page then hit "Continuar"
> - You enter the "Venta online" page
>   - Fill in "Datos del Comprador"
>     - e-mail address in "Correo Electrónico"

>     - Last Name in "Nombre"
>     - First name in "Apellido 1"

"Nombre" is "given name". (Christian)
"Apellido 1" is first surname, family name. (Perrier). 

>     - Most often you don't need to fill "Apellido 2"

In case they required it, just repeat your surname again.

>     - ID type in "Tipo de documento". I did choose "Pasaporte". I
>       guess that one of "NIF" or "NIE" is Identity Card that could
>       suit for several national ID cards, but I dont' want to take
>       risks
>     - Passport number in "Numero Documento"
>     - The rest is your street address. Some fields are mandatory
>     - Street name in "Direccion"
>     - Postal code in "Codigo Postal"
>     - City in "Poblacion"
>     - Whatever crap you want in "Provincia" (not every country has
>       provinces!)

For you, in french, this would be Département.

>     - Country in "Pais"
>     - One tel. number in Telefono 1 (cell phone recommended? I don't
>       know what they use it for). I mentioned it starting with
>       the country tel number (33 for France)
> UNCHECK THE DAMN opt-out "Marque esta casilla si acepta el envio de
> publicidad o inscribirse en ofertas y promociones de Renfe"
> CHECK "He leido y acepto las Condiciones Generales Viajeros y las
> Condiciones Generales de la Venta y la Politica de Privacidad"
> (you accept the Sale Conditions and the Privacy Statement). If you
> don't you won't be able to proceed.
> Choose your payment mode. Very probably "Tarjeta de credito". It's
> unfortunately not mentioned which ones are accepted. To my experience,
> VISA is OK, Amex is not. You can guess that MasterCard is probably OK
> as well.
I usually use Master Card and it is ok as well, yes.

> Card number in "Numero de tarjeta"
> Validity date in "Fecha de Caducidad" (MM/YY)
> Name of cardholder in "Titular de la tarjeta"
> Click "Continuar" (this is where it fails with Konqueror)

> Depending on your credit card and bank, there might be an extra
> validity check (I have this with my bank...), then you get a summary
> page and (if your browser accepts popups), you ticket in PDF.
> You can also print the ticket by clicking on "Imprimir Billetes" on
> the summary page. YOU MUST DO THIS. The printed ticket is the only
> ticket you'll get. Don't forget it (and don't forget your ID...:-))

Yes, they won't print it for you in the station. 


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