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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Train Madrid ? Caceres

I have just been on the phone to Renfe, who were very helpful, able to
speak English, and patient with my stupid questions.

Alberto Gonzalez Iniesta writes ("Re: [Debconf-discuss] Train Madrid ò Caceres"):
> I was wrong (or the policy changed). You have to buy the ticket from
> Chamartin to Atocha. It's less than two EUR, but you'll have to deal
> with getting it (vending machines are in English too).

The support line for Renfe's website tell me that you can tell whether
your cross-Madrid journey is included by looking at the e-ticket PDF.
If the Cercanias is included then it will say so on the PDF, and if it
doesn't say then it's not included.

> About regional trains the told me (without much conviction) that the
> usually get online ~15 days from the date of departure except for
> Talgos (which is not this case) that go online ~2 months before.

I was also just told by the international booking helpline that
regional trains are only available 15 days in advance.  So I don't
think we need to worry about this.  The specific train is now
definitely showing up as available in the timetable.

Another question I asked was related to my proposed booking of the
Talgo from Caceres to Madrid: if I selected an Estrella fare I got the
website telling me it was an `OPEN RETURN'.  However I'm told that
this is just a website glitch and that in fact the ticket is just a

The phrase `OPEN RETURN' means `return half not yet booked' not `this
is a return ticket with a date-unrestricted return half'.  And
furthermore, an `Estrella' fare cannot have a return half added,
although some other fares give you a 20% discount on the return half
when you buy the return half (which is called `closing' the ticket).
As the operator put it to me, you `cannot close an Estrella ticket'.

My final question was whether it is possible to book more than one
journey in a single transaction.  Apparently it is not; you can book
several people on one train, but if you want to make multiple bookings
you must do the whole process multiple times.


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