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[Debconf-discuss] camp & conf (was Re: Registration for DebConf9 opened

On Samstag, 14. März 2009, Steve Langasek wrote:
> No, more explicit focus on collaborative hacking.

So what could be done to enable that during DebConf? Less events? More events 
at the same time, thus freeing some slots? Neither (=accept it)? More days? 
(10 instead of 7?)

Personally I feel that dedicating and alocating 2 weeks for DebCamp and 
DebConf is a good compromise. The first week is slow, sometimes deep and 
intense, the second week is (much more crowded and) fast(er), (sometimes 
deep) and intense :-) Sometimes I happen to hack quite a lot at DebC???, 
sometimes I do $adjective talks at $occasion, which somehow enable later 

Getting to know the (very) different persons behind the screens is why I enjoy 
DebConf. I get more stuff done behind my screen, when I'm not at DebConf.

Of course I'm well aware that not everybody can take two weeks off - so I'd be 
glad to hear how to improve DebConf! (Whether that means more collaboritive 
hacking or foo bar is quite open, IMO+IME...)

Or to ask differently: what makes it, that DebConf is bad for collaborative 
hacking? ;-) (=what could be better)


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