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[Debconf-discuss] Derivatives Round Table at Debconf7

[ I posted a variant of this message onto my blog a few days ago. I
  thought I would throw it out here as well. Apologies for people that
  see it twice. ]

At DebConf7 in Edinburgh, I'm going to moderate a panel on Debian
derivatives.  At DebConf5 I put on a similar sort of panel. Here's the
description I submitted:

  The Debian-Derivers round-table will bring together representatives of
  organizations involved in producing Debian derived distributions to
  discuss the political, organizational, and social barriers to
  collaboration with Debian and with each other.

The idea is to bring together a representative group of folks from our
derivative community -- groups like Ubuntu, Linspire, Knoppix, LinEx,
Maemo, etc. etc. -- and provide a space where they can describe their
successful and unsuccessful experiences working with Debian and with
each other. On the other side, it will give Debian developers a chance
to ask questions of the group, both individually and as a whole.

My first step, of course, is to build that panel. If you have worked on
or represent a Debian derivative and think you will be at DebConf, you
may have a spot on my panel. Give me an response and lets talk.


Benjamin Mako Hill

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