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[Debconf-discuss] [Debconf-team] Meeting for DebConf7 Location


After having a long, mostly open, discussion about the two different
proposed locations for next years DebConf we came to the conclusion that
we need some more information and therefore moved the final decision 5
more days.

The next meeting, which needs to have the final decision, is now on

    Monday, 10th July, 18:30 UTC on #debconf-team at irc.oftc.net

The meeting will be moderated, and only the delegates and one or two
people of each local team will have voice, to have it as fast and easy
as possible.

Until then we have some points to clear up. We need more numbers from
the EDI team (prices of ECA for example), one should do a spreadsheet to
have easy ways of comparing both venues, EDI should decide on one of the
two running venues (ECA and Teviot), and we should discuss/prepare the
points from Bdales last mail. Everyone is invited to participate in the
list (debconf-team@lists.debconf.org), so feel free. But please read the
archives, we had a lot of repeated questions today, that unfortunately
just disturbs. Thank you.

bye Joerg
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graphviz: ouch, that license is hard to read, damn lawyer gibberish.

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