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[Debconf-discuss] DebConf6 Travel Sponsorship


Everyone not receiving travel sponsorship for DebConf6 or who already
got it (via an SPI cheque for example) can skip this mail.

So, we are now some days after DebConf, and looking at the number of
questions going "Where is my money?" i figured I should sent out some
details. Sorry that I havent done it earlier, but there was not much to

As you may remember we had some trouble getting money in time to
Mexico. (It was never a problem to "own" the amount we need, it was only
a problem to get it to an account we can use it from). This money is now
finally on the way to SPI.

As money needs some time to go to SPIs account and then to an account
here in Europe[1] it would still need some weeks before we are able to
transfer your money to you. To avoid much longer waiting times our DPL
Anthony Towns gave the permission (thank you) to temporarily use money
From Debian for this, so we can speed the whole process up a bit. This
sums up to a: We are near to hand out money, and if all goes well it may
be in your account within the next 2 or 3 weeks, or maybe even earlier.

[1] Money is transferred in a large batch to one account in europe
    first, because money transfers within Europe are way less expensive and
    faster than anything coming from the US.

bye Joerg
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