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[Debconf-discuss] Request Tracker for DebConf


Short summary if you are not in the Orga Team and just want to report a
bug, wishlist item, feedback, whatever, related to DebConf:
Write a mail to rt@debconf.org and describe whatever you think. Someone
of us, whoever fits with the request, then has the work to
reply/fix/whatever, and you will get a notice.

Now, for those that want more:

We now have rt.debconf.org running (Needs logins). For now we have some
basic groups and Queues[1] and a few users created. The intent is to
have a single system containing feature wishes for whatever DebConf
related part we have, buglists for it, a todo list of things that need
to be done, and the ability to assign those to people who want to do
that work.

Working with it is relatively simple, after you got the basics. There is
a nice introduction in a wiki[2], but feel free to ask me on IRC if you
have trouble.

Basic workflow:
Someone writes mail to our RT, describing a problem.[3]
They will land in a Queue named "Unsorted". Lets say this Ticket[4]
describes a problem on the website, where our webteam wrote that
DebConf7 is on mars, but it should be on moon. Clearly a problem, its
much more expensive to get to mars...
So, a bit later someone from the webteam logs into our RT, sees that
there is a Request in Queue "Unsorted" and also sees (thanks to the
clear subject. If subject is unclear he can look at the full mail text)
that it is for the webteam. So the first thing he does is to "open" the
request, so it changes its status from NEW to OPEN. The window changes
and shows details, where our webmaster looks at "Basics"[5] and changes
the Queue to "Webteam". In the same window he can change the owner, and
as he can fix it he changes the Owner to be himself. After saving that,
so state information is now in the database and goes to fix the problem.[6]

While our webmaster is working on the fix for the ticket someone else
can log into the system, see the ticket, but also sees that $foo is
working on it. He can add a comment, he can add himself to a watcher
list - which means he sees when $foo closes this ticket, which is useful
if you depend on another ticket, etc...

A while later, after he fixed the problem (and had some milk) our
webmaster logs back into the system, and sees the ticket he took has
status open. Clicking on the ticket gives him more detailed information,
and finally also the possibility to resolve this ticket.

Resolving the ticket asks you to enter a reason, and you can also select
if its a comment or a reply. If you select reply then the reporter gets
informed that his report was worked on, and why you closed it.

Creating a new ticket is simple, just mail rt@debconf.org (or
rt@rt.debconf.org, its the same in the end). If you have a login you can
also create tickets directly in the system. You can select the Queue
where to create the ticket, but as you do not see Queues of Groups you
are not in - just create it in "Unsorted" then.

That much for a basic workflow. Its simple to deal with it after you
have done it once or twice.

For now I created a few teams in this request tracker, together with
some queues. The queues are:

 * Admin     Every global administration request that doesnt fit in
             other queues. Ie a package to be installed on foo, a broken
             and non-responding machine, mail not sent, etc. pp
 * Localteam Queue for the localteam of a DebConf.
 * Orga      Anything that has no own queue and doesnt fit in Admin goes here
 * Press     Press related tickets here
 * Sponsorship Sponsorship related queue (no private data from sponsorees)
 * Talks     Talk related queue
 * Unsorted  Not yet assigned to any group/person. As written above new
             tickets always start here.
 * Video     Anything related to video@debconf
 * Website   Anything around our Website
 * gallery.debconf.org gallery.debconf.org Queue
 * lists.debconf.org Any problems or whishes with/for lists go here

The groups are:

  # Adminteam
  # Galleryadmins
  # Listadmins
  # Localadmin
  # Localteam
  # Organisationsteam
  # Pressteam
  # Sponsorshipteam
  # Talkteam
  # Videoteam
  # Webteam

If you think i missed a group or a queue, which is possible as my mind
is blowing up after the install, open a ticket (by writing mail to
rt@debconf.org) :)

I also created a few accounts already, to have something to play
with. Those people should get a mail together with this one, giving out
passwords. If you haven't got such a mail - its all my fault. You can
either open a ticket or ping me on IRC, and you get your account. (And
tell me in which groups you want to go.)

Of course you need to use this system to make it useful, so please dont
ignore it. USE IT. :)

Anything I missed for now?

[1] One could name the queues as category or area too, queue is just how
    RT calls it.
[2] http://wiki.bestpractical.com/index.cgi?ManualUsingWebInterface
[3] Alternatively one of us with an account creates a ticket in the
[4] Again RT speak. A ticket is basically every "Report" or "Bug" in RT,
    the central thing.
[5] RT is translated into many languages, so he looks at "However its
    called in his language" really. :)
[6] Of course you have a lot of more ways to modify the ticket, for
    example you can enter time information, but we do not need all of
    that. For more information about all possible ways of playing with a
    ticket see [2]. Fell free to create an own ticket by mailing
    rt@debconf.org and then play with it.

bye Joerg
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