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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Talk != BOF


On Sunday 11 June 2006 09:35, Steve Langasek wrote:
> I didn't make any assumptions here, it was Holger who posted suggesting
> that one of the differences between talks and presentations for next year
> might be sponsorship.  (I assumed that he meant *prioritization* of
> sponsorship, though he didn't say.)

I think so. (I was not part of the sponsorship team, so I can only guess from 
what I heard. And when we talked on irc about those four types, we only 
talked about "sponsorship" not about "prioritization of sponsorship" though 
this could be, what stockholm, for the sponsorship-team, had in mind. (It was 
a discussion on irc, where abbreviations are used frequently.)

I probably wouldnt write this mail now, if I hadnt had a new idea to bring 
this discussion  forward, so hear it is: for next year we should come up with 
a list of things, that are required for sponsorship and another which tells, 
what increases the chances to get sponsorship (involvement in debian, giving 
a talk, paying 10% of the sum, whatever). 

This will also help to make the decision, who get's sponsorship easier and 
more objective, (besides saving the sponsorship team from accusations...)


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