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DebConf23 Daily Announcement mail - 16th September 2023

Dear DebConf23 attendees,

== Book of Condolences ==

Reminder: the book for Abraham's family is in the silent hacklab on the
second floor of the hotel. It will close after breakfast tomorrow, 17th

== Video Team teardown planning ==

The video team will meet at breakfast at 9:30 tomorrow, to make teardown

We still have some video shirts with people's names on them. Come past
if you haven't got your shirt yet.

== Extra Swag ==

If you registered late and weren't guaranteed swag, please come to the
Front Desk before Lunch to collect your swag.

After lunch, anything that's left over will be given away. If you want
some leftovers come past the Front Desk.

Thank you,

Stefano, for the DebConf23 Team

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