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DebConf23 Daily Announcement mail - 12th September 2023

Dear DebConf23 attendees,

== Day Trips ==

Breakfast will start at 7.00 AM tomorrow. If you are going on trip D,
please have your breakfast at 7.00 and be prepared to leave at 7.30
sharp. We are not taking any packed breakfast. For all other day trips,
please have your breakfast early enough to be on time for departure.
The  buses will leave at the time mentioned on the Wiki. Make sure you
are on the bus before the departure time, because if you miss the bus
you have automatically signed up for the "day off at the hotel" trip.

Meet on the hotel **ground floor** in time for the following

    *  Tour A: Athirappilly Waterfalls and Jungle safari on bus - 8:00
    *  Tour B: Bus tour, city sightseeing in Kochi and evening sunset
at beach - 9:00
    *  Tour C: Cruise at Alappuzha (houseboat) - 9:00
    *  Tour D: Destination Wilderness: Jungle Walk at Thattekad - 7:30
    *  Tour E: Energizing Day: Cherai Beach Fun and Kayaking - 9:00

As per our previous mail: these departure times are hard deadlines, so
please make sure to be there on time.

No personal alcohol / drugs are permitted on the day trips. Please
leave any you might have in your hotel room.

It goes without saying, but plan to bring litter back with you; we
leave nature as we found it.

== People staying at the Hotel tomorrow ==

Those doing the "sleeping day trip" (didn't join a day trip) need to
arrange their own lunch, as the hotel won't be providing it.

== Private Room Parties ==

Partying too much? Please don't disturb others. We have had complaints
about noise from room parties.  It is neither big nor clever, and you
are not sticking it to the man.  We're all exhausted; please do not
annoy your neighbours.  (You can still have a good time, just keep the
volume levels within reasonable bounds.)

== Afternoon Coffee break snacks ==

The tea time snacks are provided for everyone, but please take a
reasonable amount. Loading up a pile on your plate means other people
don't get any snacks. We'll ask the hotel to provide more, but please
be polite.

== Photos (and slides) ==

Do you have memories of DebConf 23 that you want to share? Please
publish them in the DebConf share git-lfs repo:

Note, this is a git-lfs repo, you'll need to initialize git-lfs before
committing. See the README.

== Speakers ==

Speakers, please do check your laptops work with the video capture gear
*before* your talk. You can visit the video team in their room on the
2nd floor (to the right of Ponmudi) to check your laptop works. If it
doesn't work, you can borrow a laptop from the video team. Keep a copy
of your presentation (in PDF format if possible) on a USB stick in case
of sudden unexpected laptop changes.

Please upload your slides, before/after your talk to debconf-share (as
above), and write to content@debconf.org with the URL of the slides so
the talk information can be updated.

== Ad-Hoc BoFs/Talks ==

We acquired a fourth room, Chembra, for additional BoFs and talks. This
room is next to the noisy hacklab on the 14th floor. It has a projector
and is self-service: sessions will not be videostreamed or recorded,
there will be no talkmeister and no microphone is available (as of

If you want to hold a session there, submit a proposal as usual via
https://debconf23.debconf.org/talks/new/. Same goes if you want to hold
a session "Elsewhere" (your hotel room or some other place around the
venue). Please uncheck the Video checkmark and put your preferred time
slot in the Notes - there are both 20 and 45 minute slots available as
of now. Then send a mail to content@debian.org with your session
id/title, location (Chembra or Elsewhere) and again your preferred time
slot. In general, we try to schedule sessions submitted before 8PM for
the next day (and will reply to your mail once we did), but this is on
a best-effort basis by the content team. We also suggest to mail
debconf-discuss (or any other more specialized list) to announce your
ad-hoc session, especially if you want to hold the session Elsewhere.

== Conference Dinner ==

On Thursday, buses heading for the conference dinner will start leaving
the hotel at 4:30pm.

The last bus returning to the hotel will leave at 10:30pm. Earlier
departures will be announced at the dinner.

== Lightning Talks / Live Demos ==

Team Lightning wants YOU!  Or rather, your lightning talks and live
demos.  Slots at the lightning talks session (Saturday at 16:30)  are 5
minutes each, and slots at the live demos session (Sunday 11:30) are 10
minutes each.  Please get in touch with us on
<islightningreal@debconf.org> if you'd like to participate!


Warm Regards,

Anupa for Registration team.

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