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DebConf23 Daily Announcement mail - 10th September 2023

Dear DebConf23 attendees,

DebConf has started! We have already had 16 sessions on our first day,
and there willl be many to follow over the course of the week.  See you

Today (11th September) is the deadline to sign up for day trips and the
conference dinner. Several of the trip options are now fully
subscribed, but there are still spaces available on the Kochi city

The day trips all start at different times, so for the avoidance of
doubt, here are the departure times.

    Tour A: Athirappilly Waterfalls and Jungle safari on bus - 8:00
    Tour B: Bus tour, city sightseeing in Kochi and evening sunset at
beach - 9:00
    Tour C: Cruise at Alappuzha (houseboat) - 9:00
    Tour D: Destination Wilderness: Jungle Walk at Thattekad - 7:30
    Tour E: Energizing Day: Cherai Beach Fun and Kayaking - 9:00

These departure times are hard deadlines, so please make sure to be
there on time.

If you would like to hold an ad-hoc BoF, there are several areas
available in the hotel. These include 2nd floor outdoor space (where
the hanging chairs are) and the 14th floor space near hacklab where
food was served. We will be installing a projector in the space on the
14th floor, and you can use it if needed.

The Cheese and Wine (and other local delicacies) event is tomorrow!

    Please bring your submissions to Front Desk during the morning.
    If you are interested in helping with the preparations for the
event, please find urbec in the ground floor hallway at 10:30 (right at
the end of breakfast).  Cheese-cutting will continue throughout the day
until all the cheese has been cut. 
    We will be providing some wine, but if you'd like to have more, the
hotel has a list of available wines from which you can order to
contribute to the Wine part of the event. Please remember that alcohol
bought outside the hotel can only be consumed in private rooms. 
    If you weren't able to bring anything, and would like to, we would
suggest you buy something locally.  Here, local snacks are probably a
better idea than trying to source cheese.

We are still looking for talkmeisters!  Talkmeisters announce speakers
and talks, and field questions both from the audience and via IRC. 
Confident speakers of English are encouraged to express their interest
at Front Desk, in order to be trained for the task.

If you are part of a local group which is holding events in your area,
we would love to hear from you for the Local Groups BoF, which will be
held on Thursday 14th September at 11:30.  If you would like some
guidance as to how to introduce your group, feel free to stop by Front


rmb, for DC23 Organising team.

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