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DebConf23 Daily Announcement mail - 4th September 2023

Dear DebConf23 attendees,

If you are staying at the Four Points Hotel, and you find your bathroom
floor slippery, you can request a rubber floor mat at the reception by
dialing 0 from your rooms.

The front desk is now open for check-in; come and get your badge and
food coupons if you haven't visited yet. You can also informally
express interest in volunteering for tasks at DebConf, while you're

Get tested. We've already had one COVID-19 positive attendee arrive at
DebConf this year. Fortunately, they self-tested immediately on
arrival, and we don't think anyone else was significantly exposed.
However, in order to make DebConf as safe an event as possible for
everyone, we need to remain cautious. Get tested if you haven't tested
recently. And we remind everyone to wear masks when you're in close
proximity to other attendees.

Lunch (12:30-15:30) and Dinner (19:00-22:30) are now served on the 14th
floor at the All Spice restaurant.

Breakfast (7:00-10:30) remains downstairs in The Eatery.

 If you are going out in the evening, please be aware that stray dogs
roam the streets at that time.  There have been some incidents recently
in Kerala where people have been bitten by these dogs, who have become
more assertive in their use of the road since the start of the


Warm Regards,

Anupa for Registration team.

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