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DebConf23 Daily Announcement addendum mail - 3rd September 2023

Dear DebConf23 attendees,

If you would like a local SIM card from Airtel and have an e-visa, you
will need a color printout of the ETA document with photo (not the
email, you can contact front desk if you need to print it). They will
come back if enough would like a SIM. You need to pay cash (INR 300,
exact change if possible). If you want the SIM add your name to

We will inform Airtel how many people need the SIM by 4 PM, and if
there is enough demand, they will come.  Otherwise, they will come the
following day.

Smoking in public areas is prohibited in general. There are specific
designated smoking areas, which are marked explicitly.

There is a bar counter in the hallway on the second floor. Currently,
it serves only alcoholic drinks.  Soft drinks may  be added later.

Meal timings: 

Breakfast:  7.00 AM to 10.30 AM.

Lunch: 12.30 PM to 3.30 PM

Dinner: 7.00 PM to 10.30 PM

Food labelling: Red triangles denote non-vegetarian food (contains
egg/meat/fish). Vegetarian food marked with a green circle may contain
dairy products.

Face masks are available at Front desk,

Warm regards,
Anupa for Registration team.

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