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[URGENT]: DebConf 23 Conference Visa requires action by Aug 1

Apologies for the late notice. In order to issue Conference Visas for 
we will need political clearance from Ministry External Affairs (MEA), 
This requires us to send the list of participants who need visa with 
passport numbers to the MEA. This approval could take up to two weeks, 
so we
need your details by 1 August.

Even if your bursary / registration is not approved yet, if you applied
need a visa, please send to us ASAP:

1. Your full name (as it appears on the passport)

2. Passport number and

3. Passport country of issue

We will also need other details [1] but these are less urgent.

[1] https://debconf23.debconf.org/about/visas/#conference-visa

If we haven't received your passport details by 1 August, you won't be 
in the list of attendees approved for Conference visas. Your only 
option would
be to come under another type of visa.

Thank You

The DebConf 23 Visa Team

NB: Please ignore this if you have already sent us the details.

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