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DebConf22 registration and call for proposals are open!


Registration for DebConf22 [1] is now open.
The the 23rd edition of DebConf [2] will take place from July 17th to 24th,
2022 at the Innovation and Training Park (ITP) [3] in Prizren, Kosovo, and will
be preceded by DebCamp, from July 10th to 16th.

[1] https://debconf22.debconf.org
[2] https://www.debconf.org
[3] https://itp-prizren.com

Along with the registration, the DebConf content team announced the call for
proposals [4]. Deadline to submit a proposal to be considered in the main
schedule is April 15th, 2022 23:59:59 UTC (Friday).

[4] https://debconf22.debconf.org/cfp

DebConf is an event open to everyone, no matter how you identify yourself or
how others perceive you. We want to increase visibility of our diversity and
work towards inclusion at Debian Project, drawing our attendees from people
just starting their Debian journey, to seasoned Debian Developers or active
contributors in different areas like packaging, translation, documentation,
artwork, testing, specialized derivatives, user support and many other. In
other words, all are welcome.

To register for the event, log into the registration system [5] and fill out
the form. You will be able to edit and update your registration at any point.
However, in order to help the organizers have a better estimate of how many
people will attend the event, we would appreciate if you could access the
system and confirm (or cancel) your participation in the conference as soon as
you know if you will be able to come. The last day to confirm or cancel is July
1st, 2022 23:59:59 UTC. If you don't confirm or you register after this date,
you can come to the DebConf22 but we cannot guarantee availability of
accommodation, food and swag (t-shirt, bag, and so on).

[5] https://debconf22.debconf.org/register

For more information about registration, please visit registration information

[6] https://debconf22.debconf.org/about/registration

## Submitting an event

You can now submit an event proposal [7]. Events are not limited to traditional
presentations or informal sessions (BoFs): we welcome submissions of tutorials,
performances, art installations, debates, or any other format of event that you
think would be of interest to the Debian community.

[7] https://debconf22.debconf.org/talks/new

Regular sessions may either be 20 or 45 minutes long (including time for
questions), other kinds of sessions (workshops, demos, lightning talks, and so
on) could have different durations. Please choose the most suitable duration
for your event and explain any special requests.

In order to submit a talk, you will need to create an account on the website.
We suggest that Debian Salsa account holders (including DDs and DMs) use their
Salsa [8] login when creating an account. However, this isn't required, as you
can sign up with an e-mail address and password.

[8] https://salsa.debian.org

## Bursary for travel, accommodation and meals

In an effort to widen the diversity of DebConf attendees, the Debian Project
allocates a part of the financial resources obtained through sponsorships to
pay for bursaries (travel, accommodation, and/or meals) for participants who
request this support when they register.

As resources are limited, we will examine the requests and decide who will
receive the bursaries. They will be destined:

 * To active Debian contributors.
 * To promote diversity: newcomers to Debian and/or DebConf, especially from
   under-represented communities.

Giving a talk, organizing an event or helping during DebConf22 is taken into
account when deciding upon your bursary, so please mention them in your bursary

For more information about bursaries, please visit applying for a bursary to
DebConf [9].

[9] https://debconf22.debconf.org/about/bursaries

Attention: the registration for DebConf22 will be open until the conference
starts, but the deadline to apply for bursaries using the registration form
before May 1st, 2022 23:59:59 UTC. This deadline is necessary in order to the
organizers use time to analyze the requests, and for successful applicants to
prepare for the conference.

DebConf would not be possible without the generous support of all our sponsors,
especially our Platinum Sponsors Lenovo [10] and Infomaniak [11].

[10] https://www.lenovo.com
[11] https://www.infomaniak.com.

DebConf22 is accepting sponsors; if you are interested, or think you know of
others who would be willing to help, please get in touch 12]!

[12] https://debconf22.debconf.org//sponsors/become-a-sponsor

On behalf of The Debian Publicity Team,

Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana (phls)
Curitiba - Brasil
Debian Developer
Diretor do Instituto para Conservação de Tecnologias Livres
Site: http://phls.com.br
GNU/Linux user: 228719  GPG ID: 0443C450

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