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Lightning Events at DebConf20 (including Cheese and Wine)

This year, we will have three lightning-style events at DebConf: traditional
lightning talks, Impress Improv, and the Cheese and Wine event.  Of course,
we can't have those without your participation, so here's how you can join

Lightning talks: We're looking for talks of 5 minutes' duration or less, on
a Debian-related topic.  Project demos are also welcome, provided they fit
within the time frame.

Impress Improv: Because calling it PowerPoint Karaoke [1] would be
inaccurate...  Write a few slides with images, Debian-related or not.  We'll
exchange slides among the participants.  Then talk for up to 5 minutes using
slides which you've not seen before.

Cheese and Wine: We welcome very short (up to 30 seconds) video blurbs about
an item you would have brought to the Cheese and Wine event if we'd been
doing this in person.  Please note, it doesn't strictly have to be cheese or
wine, and local specialities are particularly welcome!

To participate in any of these, please contact Team Lightning at
<islightningreal@debconf.org>, and, time/space permitting, you will receive
an upload link for your pre-recorded video submissions.  In the case of
Impress Improv, please also send your slides for us to pass along to another

All the best, 
Team Lightning

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