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Share your plans for DebCamp19

Dear Debian contributors

DebCamp19 will take place in Curitiba, Brazil from 2019-07-14 to

DebCamp is the week that precedes DebConf, and is meant for
contributors who plan to work on Debian-related projects. Some do this
working on their own, and some people participate in sprints. Both are
perfectly fine, but we highly encourage you to plan your DebCamp time
in advance.

Whether you're planning to work on your own or with a partner, be sure
to blog about it or share details about it on the above wiki page and on
other media alike.

If your team is interested in organizing a sprint, please create a
wiki  page with the:

 * Topic
 * Goals and tasks to be accomplished
 * The expected duration (one day? three days?)
 * and a sign-up section or any other information that might be useful

To register your sprint, you can to so by using the template on:

For some inspiration, there's also a howto:

When you have a page describing your sprint, be sure to announce it to
your team's mailing list, IRC, etc and add it to the Debian wiki:

If you have any special requirements for DebCamp, please contact
debconf-team@lists.debconf.org with all the details of your request.

We hope you have a fun and productive DebCamp,

-- The DebConf19 team

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