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DebCamp Announcements for 2018-07-27

== Hsinchu300 Expo ==

Our host city of Hsinchu is 300 years old this year! So it is
hosting the HSINCHU 300 EXPO!


== Food venue changing ==

With the Open Day coming on Saturday we grow too large to eat at the
MIRC. Breakfast on Saturday onward will be provided at Dining Hall 2
(Restaurant 2 on your map within the badge)

The food times will remain:
08:00-10:00 breakfast
   12:30-14:00 lunch
   18:30-20:00 dinner

You can check what is on the menu at

If you don't like the options at a specific time the new dining
location has both commercial restaurant stalls as well as a 7-11
which you can buy stuff from on your own expenses.

== Dorm room cleaning ==

Cleaning the dorm rooms our own responsibility. Please talk to your
room mates when to clean your room. There are mops, buckets,
cleaning liquid and wipes available at the 7th floor corner office.
Take one of the bucket / mop spin clean thingies, assemble it
(visual instructions included, quite fun) and use it please. Store
the assembled unit in your floors bath room for other to find it.

== Cheese and Wine ==

The Cheese and Wine party will happen on Monday, 2018-07-30. This
year, we're trying a more organic, less formal formula.

The cheese team will collect goods that need refrigeration every
afternoon. Please call olasd at +886 902 123 594 (or ring him on
IRC, irc://irc.debian.org/debconf) to arrange a pickup.

Before dropping them off, please register your goods on
https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf18/CheeseWineBoF and please
make sure that they have a matching label, or we'll be in for lots
of surprises.

== Important daytrip food information ==

As with previous DebConfs, If you're not attending any day trip
options, you have to source your own lunch for the day.

== Previous Announcements ==

Catch up to previous DebCamp18 announcements at

Happy hacking!

-DebConf Team

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