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DebCamp Announcements for 2018-07-25

== Open windows in noisy hacklab ==

If you are the last person to leave the noisy hacklab, PLEASE open
two windows so we get at least some fresh air in during the night.

== MIRC - Networking ==

In ES101 (Noisy Hacklab), there are two NCTU-managed access points
offering the following SSIDs: DebConf18, DebConf18-1, MIRC-2.4G,
MIRC-5G (sometimes).

Today, we deployed four DebConf-managed access points (on loan to us
from NCTU) offering the following SSIDs: DebConf18-TP,

Please consider using DebConf18-TP-5GHz as the new APs are using
not-so-dynamic-now DFS channels where, so far, there are no other
APs active.

If these additional APs prove to be insufficient for the load, we
can consider deploying wired infrastructure to each table.

We currently have no plans to augment ES203 (Quiet Hacklab), ES510
(Another Hacklab) or ES815 (Yet Another Hacklab).

Please provide feedback to 'luca' in irc://irc.debian.org/debconf

== Some trivia ==


== Previous Announcements ==

Catch up to previous DebCamp18 announcements at

Happy hacking!

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