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Keys for the DC18 Key Signing Party - Ready for printing!

As we all finish packing our bags for Taiwan, several people have
asked me what about the KSP list we are supposed to
_print_at_home_. So, I took some time out of packing, and decided to
finalize the needed bits to have this in working order!

So, we have the final v1.0 list for the DebConf18 Continuous Key
Signing Party! Please find it here:


If you want to ensure the file came from me, you can check the
clear-signed version:


You are VERY STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to compute the sha256sum by
yourself. But, if you want to verify with mine and be sure nothing
fishy has yet happened, here it is:


A nice, HTML version where you can quickly look at is also
available. I plan to update it with the columns it misses WRT previous
years (key MSD and rank) once I am in Taiwan:


Once in Taiwan, I will also process the keyring maps we have had for
the previous two years, to give you a better idea of whom you have to

I have to recognize I had an important mistake when doing the initial
call for keys — I said the final list would be sent by Thursday
(2018.07.26). However, that would mean many from us would not be able
to print from home (which is _very_much_ desired).

So, if I get more keys in the next few days, I will also process them
into a _separate_ file, which will be incorporated as a v2. The
version I am publishing now is however FINAL, and will not be

So... See you soon in Taiwan!

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