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Official schedule!

Hello fellow Debian friends!

After a lot of work, and after an undeniable delay (our internal
deadline for this was two weeks ago - But real life got in our way in
many different ways ☹) I am finally able, happy and proud to announce
the official DebConf18 schedule is announced and online!


Now, please do note a couple of disclaimers:

- Hours and times might not be final. Some speakers might need to
  request a reschedule due to their travel arrangements or even due to
  internal order dependencies between sessions. Yes, this is Debian,
  and dependencies appear where you least expect them ☺ I tried to
  follow the requests stated when you registered your talks, but they
  are too many and I surely failed to honor some. We will anyway mail
  individually the corresponding authors to ensure this request gets

- Is your talk not in the selected, published batch, don't worry. As
  in previous years, we will have room for self-scheduled talks. We
  will detail the mechanism soon (no, really, we will!)

So... That's it! See you in two weeks, or before if you attend
DebCamp! \o/

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