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[Debconf-announce] DebConf Announcements for 2017-08-12 (Day 7)

Announcements for Saturday, August 12

DebConf17 is almost over! Don't miss the closing ceremony today in Buzz,
at 18:30, either in person or via the video stream.

Front Desk Hours for Sunday

Front Desk will be open until 18:00 on Sunday. Please make sure you pick
up all your belongings before closing time.

Certificate of Attendance

If you would like a certificate of attendance, please e-mail your
request to <registration@debconf.org>, and pass by Front Desk later to
pick it up.

On-site Dorms

On-site dorms are available until tomorrow morning, 10:00 AM. If your
on-site booking ends today, but you'd like to extend it until tomorrow
morning,  please let us know so that we make sure your room doesn't get
torn down today. The general teardown of the dorms will begin this
evening for the empty rooms, and then tomorrow morning at 10:00 AM.

Any items left in the dorms will be kept in the Front Desk lost & found
until Sunday at 18:00. Unclaimed property will be donated 1 week later.

Stray Dishes and Cleanup

Please help us collect any stray cups, glasses and plates by bringing
them back to the cafeteria. We should leave the venue clean and neat for
the staff members who return from vacation on Monday.

Free as in Free Beer

As a waste-reduction measure, we are implementing price adjustments to
the menu of the interior garden bar. We have approximately 150L of
carbonated product to move quickly this evening. If you owe someone a
beer, that will be the best time to fulfill your commitment!

The DebConf Team

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