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[Debconf-announce] DebCamp announcements for 2017-08-01

Announcements for Tuesday, August 1st

Front Desk check-in

The Front Desk will officially open Tuesday August 1st at 10:00 AM.
While we don't have all the things yet, we'll be able to do partial
check-ins. T-shirts, meal cards and most dorm room keys are ready to
hand out. Badge holders are currently delayed in shipping, and swag bag
assembly is still pending. We'll advise in future announcements when
these items are ready to be picked up.

Dirty dishes

Our wonderful caterer is taking care of picking up and washing dirty
dishes. In order to make their work easier, please put the dirty plates,
cups and glasses in the black milk crates, and utensils in the grey

We encourage you to re-use your cups and label them with an identifier
that describes you.

Shower schedule

The showers, located on level C-5000, will be open every morning 6:00 to
9:00, and in the evening from 16:30 to 1:00 AM. This is due to ongoing
construction work in the building.

To get to C-5000, take the D-block elevator up to the 5th floor. There,
signs on the walls will lead you to cleanliness.

On-site accommodation

Some of the on-site dorms have unfortunately not yet been re-locked for
the conference event. See Front Desk for your keys and/or further

Before going to sleep, to prevent the room lights from being turned on
automatically by the motion detectors, please turn lights off manually
at the switch near the door.

Shouldn't you be asleep?
The DebConf Team

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