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[Debconf-announce] DebCamp Announcements for 2017-07-29

Announcements for Saturday, July 29

== Entrance to Collège de Maisonneuve ==

The main entrance for Collège de Maisonneuve, located at 3800 Rue
Sherbrooke, will be closed and under construction for the duration of the
conference. The designated entrance for the entire event is the Nicolet
entrance, and will permit 24 hour access to the venue. The address is 2701
Rue Nicolet (use for taxi and Uber rides). Other entrances at the venue will
be closed between 22:00 and 7:00 AM.

== House Rules ==

We have written up a set of house rules for the on-site accommodation, which
stands alongside the Debian and DebConf codes of conduct.  The document will
also be posted around the venue, so please read the rules and follow them:


== Sleeping bags ==

If you are staying in the on-site accommodation, and do not wish to be found
frozen like Ötzi in the morning, please be sure to bring a sleeping bag or
blanket.  If it is absolutely impossible for you to do so, see the wiki for
information on where you can get yourself one locally:


== Conference Swag ==

We have received shipment of the t-shirts and bags, and are happy to
announce that they look *good*.

== DebCamp dates ==

Just a reminder: DebCamp starts on Monday, the 31st of July.  While the
venue may be open before then, the event will not have started yet, and
organisers will not be available on-site.

== The Wiki Knows ==

There's plenty of useful information on the wiki. If you have a question
about the venue or accommodation, for example, there's a good chance you'll
find it in the wiki.


== Front Desk Is Always There To Help ==

Phone and SMS: +1 514-316-7065
E-mail: registration@debconf.org

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