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[Debconf-announce] This year's Cheese and Wine party: Monday 4 Aug @ 20:00!

Hi all,

You're very likely making the latest preparations for your trip to DebConf. I
hope you have spared some space in your suitcase to bring some delicacies of
your corner of the world to the Cheese and Wine party, which will take place on
Monday 4th August, at 20:00 in the Interior Garden.

Details are available at https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf17/CheeseWineBoF
Please register your edible donations on the wiki to allow us label the goods
when preparing the party.

Don't eat cheese, don't drink wine? Bring something else! Can't drink alcohol?
We'll have you covered as well. Cheese and Wine are just a pretext to share a
good time, all together, around tables sprinkled with the surprising, delicious
food and drink attendees have brought from all around the world.

If you're unable to bring anything, you should come anyway! Quantities will be
adjusted through local purchases before the party, and, if you want to, you'll
be able to contribute to the cheese fund by making a donation at Front Desk.

Front Desk will also direct you for your refrigerated donations when you
arrive: don't let them spoil the on-site accommodation, your roommates thank

See you in Montréal,
your devoted Cheese master, Nicolas Dandrimont

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