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[Debconf-announce] DC15 announcements of 2015-08-14

Dear DC15 participants,

Please take your time to read over the following announcements.
We're trying to keep them short, but we need a way to inform you of
important stuff.


We try to keep the wiki up-to-date (and it would be great if you helped
us). Please refer to https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf15 and
specifically https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf15/FAQs in case of

Video Streams

All talks in the rooms Heidelberg, London/Berlin and Amsterdam will be
streamed live online, and available for download later.

For further information, in particular for the exact URLs, see

IRC Channels for Remote Participation

For irc discussions and asking questions from remote, the following irc
channels on irc.debian.org have been created:


Ad-Hoc Talks

We setup a flipchart for the open spots next to frontdesk. Put in your
name and talk title, and it will be added to summit.

This is an ad-hoc procedure for Open Weekend and might be refined later
during DebConf, stay tuned.

Job Fair

The job fair will take place Saturday afternoon from 14:00-18:00 outside
Heidelberg. The following companies will take part:

 * HP
 * credativ
 * conova
 * 1&1
 * Two Sigma
 * BMW Group
 * Mirantis
There will also be a job wall with additional job offers in the same

Lightning Talks and Live Demos

More lightning talks and live demos are still welcome and needed! 

Submit your lightning talk or live demo to islightningreal@debconf.org

Include the following information:

 * Type (lightning talk or live demo)
 * Talk name
 * Description
 * Optional comments

For further information, see the original announcement at
Bed sheet replacements

The hostel offered to provide fresh bed sheets to anyone who strips
their bed by Saturday, 10:00 and drops the used sheets into the laundry
bins provided.

There will be another chance to get fresh bed sheets on Wednesday, but
as we assume that only very few people will want another change, you'll
need to pick them up yourself from the hostel reception.

Drink Coupons Only

Starting Saturday, the bistro (and the beer wagon) will not accept cash
anymore. You can buy the refundable coupons for 20€ at reception.

Meal Shifts

We are expecting a lot of people and so we are asking you to try to eat
during specific time windows. More infomation is on the wiki and on the
signs by the cafeteria:


Video Team Volunteers

The video team always needs volunteers. Please say hi in #debconf-video
on irc.debian.org for training and meeting announcements.

Online Schedule

If you are used to checking out the DebConf schedule via e.g. the
giggity android app, here is a URL you can point it at:


The giggity author also added it to the list of automatically displayed
conferences, so it should work out of the box.

Wasp Stings

There are a lot of wasps. It's best to just ignore them. If you get
stung, front desk has cooling pads, as well as some medication. If you
have an allergic reaction (or see someone), please call 112 immediately
and inform front desk.


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