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[Debconf-announce] Zagreb buses Sunday 31st information

Bus 1 will LEAVE at 06:00. You HAVE to be there at 05:30.

Bus 2 will LEAVE at 11:00. You HAVE to be there at 10:30.

The start place for buses is the same we used for the Day trip buses,
in Vidovskaia. From Hotel Bosna entrance, turn left, then left again
around Ambasador restaurant. The bus will be at the bus stop.

Bus 1 first goes to Zagreb airport then train station
Bus 2 first goes to the train station then airport

We will NOT wait for late comers.

PLEASE KEEP YOUR ID WITH YOU. It will be needed at the border.

Remember that you have to checkout from your hotels and it may take
some time, so don't be late. Yes, it's early. No, you have no time for
breakfast. No, we didn't arrange anything with the hotel.

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