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[Debconf-announce] RentABus: time to secure your reservation for Sunday buses to Zagreb

If (and only if) your name is listed in the first two tables at
http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf11/Departures/RentABus, then a
seat is planned for you in one of the two buses that will go from
Banja Luka to Zagreb on Sunday 31st.

Bus 1 leaves at 06:00 (SHARP....no, that doesn't leave time for
                       breakfast, sorry)
Bus 2 leaves at 11:00 (SHARP as well)

We need you to pay for your seat IN ADVANCE. We don't have the exact
prices now (Velimir had an unexpected commitment this morning and will
get news from  the bus company only during the day), but the price is
likely to be "around" 1100KM per bus.

To avoid playing with coins, we have set the seat price to 25KM or
12.5euros. Please go to Frontdesk and ask for the merchandise

If extra money is left, it will be donated to DebConf.


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