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[Debconf-announce] News from the "Rent a bus team"

Please find below the current status of the "rent a bus to avoid being
stuck in BL" operation. In short, if you don't bother reading,
*everything is going well* (French version of "there will be no

The wiki page
(http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf11/Departures/RentABus) is no
longer opened for registration.

>From the names and information we gathered, we have asked the local
team to call the bus company and ask for two buses:

- Bus 1 leaving at 06:00 and going to ZAG Airport, then ZAG train

- Bus 2 leaving at 11:00 and going to ZAG Airport, then ZAG train

We have assigned people in these buses as you can see on the wiki
page. This was based on the time people wanted to be at destination:
- people wanting to be in ZAG *before* 10:00 can't fit in these buses
  and will therefore have to travel their own way. Their names have
  been kept in the wiki page for reference

- people wanting to be in ZAG between 10:00 and 14:59 have been put in
  Bus 1

- people wanting to be in ZAG from 15:00 have been put in Bus 2

- people wanting to be "any time" are in one or another, depending on
  the comment they put (explicitly asking "early for sightseeing" puts
  you in Bus 1)

Once the buses are secured and we know prices, we'll let you know how
to pay for them. It is very likely that we'll ask for payment in KM
only to make things simple.

Payment will be at frontdesk. We'll tell you when. DON'T GO AT FD NOW!

Each bus will have two "responsible persons" in charge of checking
people, take care that the bus leaves on time (WE WILL NOT WAIT),
collecting passports at the border, etc.

More information is to come. Please stay tuned on -announce. Comments
on -discuss.

On behalf of the "RentABus team" (Andreas Tille, Christian Perrier,
Velimir Iveljic).

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