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[Debconf-announce] News about the Cheese and Wine event (Monday 26th)


Many people already know about the now traditional Debconf Cheese and
Wine event. For many others, still, this will be the first experience.

The Cheese and Wine "party" is a "bring and share" event focused
around cheese and various beverages from around the world.

It will happen on *Monday 26th from 21:00* in Banski Dvor. The event
location will be rooms close to the main talk room. There will be
signs. There are no lions nor kangaroos.

So, the "material" which we'll eat and drink during that event will
be....what you folks bring.

Of course, not everybody has the opportunity to fill in his|her bag
with boxes full of stinky material and, for those people who can't
bring anything, two options are left:
- go around in Banja Luka and find a good place to get what's needed
(focusing on good quality cheese is highly encouraged)
- just come anyway and enjoy shamelessly: we are Debian and, as for
anything else, people are expected to contribute up to what they can

I will try to spot a few addresses for late comers to find interesting
material. Please wait for news on debconf-discuss.

All practical information about the Cheese and Wine event will be made
available through the following wiki page:


Please think about filling the page with your own material.

I will gather a mini-team of volunteers to help setting up the event. 
Please register for this on the wiki. A meeting with all these "Cheese
Assistants" is planned for tomorrow Saturday (more details to come).

In short: stay tuned and remember: don't drink and dupload!


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