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[Debconf-announce] Going back plans

Hi everyone!

So, there seems to be a bit of a mess on the plans regarding going back to
either Buenos Aires or Ezeiza airport.  This mails tries to address several
issues, so please find the part that affects you and act accordingly.

* People that need to be in Ezeiza on Sunday at 13:00 or earlier.

You should book your ticket with Manuel Tienda León.  Send the template
mail to reservas@tiendaleonmdq.com


Subject: Reserva para viaje Mar del Plata -> Ezeiza, día <departure date>


Mi nombre es <insert your name here>, necesito llegar al aeropuerto de
Ezeiza el día <insert your departure date>, antes de las <insert your
departure time minus 3 hours>.  Quisiera reservar un lugar en el bus
correspondiente, de Mar del Plata a Ezeiza.

Muchas Gracias.

<your name>


You will then have to go and pay to confirm the reservation.  The address
is Moreno 3239.

* People that need to be in Ezeiza on Sunday before 17:00 / 18:00

Tienda Leon has ran out of tickets for this group.  Noodles is organizing a
rented bus for all the people affected.  Please contact him ASAP if you
want to be considered in this special bus.

* People that want to go to Retiro (Buenos Aires) early in the morning on
  Sunday (or late on Saturday).

Please book your own tickets.  You can use: http://www.plataforma10.com/ to
book online, or buy tickets in the shop next to the hotel (or other similar
shops for other bus companies).  Remember that the most comfortable buses
are those that are $82 the trip.

* People that want to go to Retiro (Buenos Aires) and don't mind waiting a
  few extra hours on Sunday, until we finish cleaning up.

We are going to rent a bus for this category, but it's probably going to be
a small bus, for around 8 people.  We will probably arrive in Buenos Aires
at 18:00 or 19:00.  If you are interested in being one of the 8 people,
please let me know ASAP.

 Bessos,    (o_
    Marga.  (\)_

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