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[Debconf-announce] dear speakers!


if you happen to hold a talk, workshop, BOF or any other kind of event at 
DebConf8 which makes use of the video projectors, please test your slides or 
other material with the video projector (in the room where your event is 
scheduled) _before_ the event.

http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/Videoteam/Tips_for_speakers suggests:

* Test your slides at 800x600 or better yet 640x480 (!!!) 
* Also use this resolution for live demos. 
* read http://people.skolelinux.no/herman/vid/dc/slide_legibility.html 
* As a rule of thumb, use a fontsize like 32pt for normal text. For slides 
prepared at 800x600, 24pt will do quite nicely, if the contrast is good and 
the fonts are quite fat. However, presenters will likely have 1024x768 or 
bigger screens on their laptop, so 32pt will be closer to the sweet spot. 
Consider writing, testing and doing your talk with 800x600.

Your laptops VGA output will be connected to a twinpact device, which has a 
VGA output which is connected to the projector and a DV output which gets 
feed into our video mixing system. (More about that in the videoteam talk on 

The DV output has a resolution of 720x576, higher resolution are possible, but 
will be downscaled.

Also, please talk to us well in advance (best at least 24h) if you have 
special needs, i.e. if you wish to use sound or use non VGA-type output 

We usually hang out on #debconf-video.

Oh, and see http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf8/Streams - each recording 
will be announced on planet.d.o. when it's ready :-)

looking forward to hear+see lots of interesting stuff,

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