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[Debconf-announce] Room allocation draft


The first room allocation draft for people staying at the DebConf venue is
available [1].

Please check that your data is ok and that you are ok with the people in your
room. If you find anything wrong, please mail rooms@debconf.org

The Check-In date is the arrival date, you can check-in from 12:00 onwards.
The Check-Out date is the departure date, you have to check-out before
10:00, you only will have breakfast available on the check-out day.

People without dates or with category "Non-hosted independent" haven't been

This is a draft and might be changed.  But I intend to send this to the
hotel so that they give me room numbers, so if there's anything wrong,
please speak up now.

[1]: http://www.marga.com.ar/~marga/debian/dc8/rooms.html

 Bessos,    (o_
    Marga.  (\)_

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