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[Debconf-announce] DebConf 9 location: Extremadura, Spain


Today I have the pleasure to announce the location of DebConf9, the 2009
Debian Conference. It will be held in the Extremadura region of Spain.

The estimated dates for the conference are currently planned to be
September/October, but more details will be provided later on as they are

The DebConf9 webpage, containing more information, will be made available
during the first half of 2008. In the meantime, to find more information
about the choosen region you can look at the proposals webpage[1].
About Extremadura
Extremadura is an autonomous community in Western Spain, which includes the
provinces of Cáceres and Badajoz.  Extremadura borders Portugal to the
west, Castile-León to the North, Andalusia to the South, and Castile-La
Mancha to the East.  Extremadura is an important wildlife area, and
includes both the International Tagus River Natural Park and the Monfragüe
National Park.
Cáceres, the capital of Cáceres Province, was founded by the Roman Empire
in 25 BC.  Archeological evidence of prehistoric settlements in this area
can be found in the caves of Maltravieso and El Conejar.
Ciudad Monumental (the old town) still has its ancient walls within
which can be found a perfect Medieval town setting with no outward signs
of modernity.  Many films have been shot in these surroundings.
Cáceres was declared a UNESCO World Heritage City in 1986 because of the
city's blend of Roman, Islamic, Northern Gothic and Italian Renaissance
styles, fruit of the many battles fought here throughout history. An
amazing 30 towers from the Muslim period still stand in Cáceres, of which
the Torre del Bujaco is the most famous.
The Universidad de Extremadura and two astronomical observatory are also
located in Cáceres.

About DebConf
DebConf is the Debian Project's developer conference.  In addition to
a full schedule of technical, social and policy talks, DebConf provides
an opportunity for developers, contributors and other interested people
to meet in person and work together more closely.  It has taken place
annually since 2000 in locations as varied as Canada, Finland and Mexico.
DebConf is preceded by DebCamp, which is a smaller, less formal event
that gives an opportunity for group work on Debian projects.  Between both
events, DebianDay takes place.  DebianDay is a short conference aimed at
Debian users, and others interested in learning more about free software.
[1] http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/Extremadura 

bye Joerg
Some NM/AM:
>> 24. What does the "urgency" field in changelog affect?
> The order in which updates are displayed in tools like dselect, synaptic,
> aptitude, etc.
nice try. :)

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