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[Debconf-announce] Debconf 9: Call for bids

So it is that time of the year again: the time of year we see people
arguing over why they want to host DebConf in their country.

Some of you have seen how Debianic processes inside the DebConf
organization team can be. First, decisions just get made. Some time
later, long discussions take place and only the fittest survive. We 
try to learn from our mistakes, however, and make our decision-making
processes easier to follow and understand -- and to make it harder
for people to get bitter about the decisions taken.

In the last year, we developed a new procedure to allow us to judge,
as objectively as possible, which of the proposed venues is best
equipped to host a DebConf.  It includes a checklist [1] about the venue
infrastructure, the available local team, and the area/country in
general. In order to guide you towards what criteria to choose when
confronting several possible venues in your area, take a look as well
at Debconf's priority list [2]. We will host responses in the DebConf
wiki, under the DebConf9 category [3].

We would like bid teams to express their wish to host DebConf9 before
DebConf7 starts, and to have a public session at DebConf where they make
brief presentations about their bids. To allow that we ask the bid teams
to answer the checklist and prepare brief introductions to their bids by
16 June (Debian Day). The responses will then be published so that
everyone interested can compare the bids (and look for missing
information, so it can be filled in before the presentation). We will
hold the presentation session probably on Wednesday 20th. Presentations
should be brief, only 5-10 minutes per venue (we currently expect four
venues to run); they will be followed by questions to the bid teams from
those attending. A final decision on the DebConf9 venue is expected be
taken about two months after DebConf7.

Now, where should DebConf9 be? We have a tradition that has become a
policy: DebConf doesn't take place on the same continent two years in a
row, to make it easier for people from all over the world to attend.
Sine DebConf8 will be in Argentina, America is almost ruled out for
DebConf9 -- it's time for Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania to get

Anyway... a quick summary of what I said so far, if you're interested in
holding DebConf near you:

We hope to get many interesting and valuable ideas for DebConf. Of
course, if you are willing to host it at your country, it is very
strongly advised for you to start getting involved in the DebConf
organization as soon as possible - maybe as a volunteer at this year's
Debconf, and as a core organizing member for DebConf 8. Your
involvement will surely count for the final decision!

- NOW: go to the location checklist [1], and start filling in the   
  information requested. Start work on a short formal document
  describing the facilities where you plan to host DebConf.
- 16 June: deadline for posting proposals to the DebConf9 wiki page.
- 20 June: short presentations, then general open discussion with the
  DebConf7 attendees.
- End of August/start of September: official decision.

[1] http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/LocationCheckList

[2] http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/PriorityList

[3] http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf9

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