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[Debconf-announce] First room draft

The first room draft is ready and you can have a look at it at:

Some notes so that you can understand it better:

Since we can't afford having any free beds (we pay for the whole room
whether there's one person, four or six, in it), we try to maximize the
amount of people per room (unless the people in the room offer to pay for
the free beds).

With this in mind, I did my best to only require one change of rooms per
person.  But, unfortunately, this was not always possible, and some people
ended having to change rooms twice (or even, in very very few cases, three
times). I'm sorry.  I'll keep working on it, trying to reduce this.

In the pdf, you can see the same list twice.  In the first list (By Name),
your name is listed, near those who will stay with you, listing the room(s)
you'll sleep in each day.  The people with no room number in this list,
have not been assigned a room because we don't have their dates.  The
people with "NSH" in this list are Not staying at the Sponsored Hotel.

In the second list (By Room), each room lists who will sleep in it for each
day, so that you can figure out who exactly are going to be your companions
during the whole duration of the conference.

Please review this information. Please check that your dates are ok (it
only lists the *nights* you are going to sleep in your rooms), and that you
are ok with your companions.

This version is preliminary and might change.  Specially if you haven't
entered your dates.  If you end up not entering them, or entering them too
late, then you might be left without a place in the hotel.

Send any comments to rooms@debconf.org

 Love,      {o_
     Marga. (')_

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