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Re: Add genisoimage parameter -keep-top-dirs


Kai Engert wrote:
> I wasn't aware that
> growisofs/genisoimage are close to being obsoleted by other tools

Luckily growisofs isn't in danger to get removed from Debian, although
it is not developed any more since about 2008.
It still does its job, except when hitting some few known bugs.

The problem with cdrkit is that its upstream maintainers were Debian
Developers who have lots of other work to do, and that the only expert
for the job was in fierce conflict with Debian.
So the cdrkit maintainers decided a few years later that it is easier to
switch the own ISO production to xorriso. Only the inofficial ISOs for
architecture "powerpc" are still made by genisoimage.
For that purpose, Adrian had to come to genisoimage's rescue in the last

> so your links and the summary are very helpful.

To complete the summary, here are the remaining main reasons to keep
cdrkit and dvd+rw-tools (i.e. growisofs) alive, although there is
no active development:

- genisoimage can produce UDF filesystem structures for video DVD.

- genisoimage can produce old HFS (without "+") filesystem structures
  for booting machines of CPU architecture "powerpc".

- wodim can burn various exotic CD sector formats beyond CD-ROM (data)
  and CD-DA (audio).

- growisofs burns formatted BD-R with write type Pseudo-Overwrite.

About all other use cases are covered by libburn, libisofs, and libisoburn
on which xorriso and cdrskin are built.
(I don't plan to implement the missing features but would give assistance
 if somebody else wants to give them a shot.)

> If xorisso is considered the modern replacement,

At least it is the last such project with a developer.
I would not mind to get some competition. {:-)

> I'll give it a try!

Welcome, new user. Don't hesitate to ask for support.

Have a nice day :)


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