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Hello Dear Very Confidential,

Hello Dear Very Confidential,

I am Aisha Gaddafi, Daughter of the former Libyan leader, Col. Muammar
Gaddafi. I am offering you a partnership proposal in a classified
monetary transaction, which involves the need to secretly relocate and
secures some of our family funds concealed in a special escrow dormant
holding with a financial services company in Africa. I am in a very
difficult situation and I must immediately relocate this fund for
safety and investments purposes.

More so, this must be done in such a way that it must not be tied to
me as a result of my father's death and politics circumstances. More
details of the transaction will be disclosed to you once you can
assure me that you can be trusted to handle this. Honesty and trust is
what I am in quest of, so therefore your assurance of confidentiality
and trust will be highly appreciated. For further clarification.

I look forward to your earliest response,

Thank you

Aisha  Gaddafi

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