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BD-R DL burning from ISO

I have some BD50 ISO images, which I made some time ago on a Windows PC,
and I would like to burn them now on a BD-R DL media so that I could
cleanup some space on a HDD.

K3b can't seem to burn BD50 ISO images containing UDF 2.5. I described
the issue in openSUSE forum


and in KDE forum


I'm trying to understand where is the problem and should this be
submitted as a bug report or a feature request and to whom.

I realize that Linux doesn't support writing UDF 2.5 (only reading) but
it seems to me that it shouldn't matter if you are just trying to burn
an ISO image containing UDF 2.5.

Couldn't some program simply read raw data in the ISO image and then
burn it to a media bit by bit, or things just don't work that way?

I see that growisofs has a function called 'builtin_dd' which burns an
image to a disk, if I understand correctly. It is also stated on
dvd+rw-tools' web page that growisofs depends on cdrtools, namely
mkisofs, but I speculate that in this case I don't need mkisofs because
I already have (UDF 2.5) file system in the image and I'm "merely"
trying to burn it on a BD-R DL disk. Right? 

K3b claims that it supports Blu-ray and in doing so it relies on
cdrtools (cdrecord) and dvd+rw-tools (growisofs). Further, growisofs
supports BD while cdrtools (cdrecord) also claims "support for Blu-ray",
so it's rather confusing even for an advanced user like me - who gets
the job done and how? :S

Can somebody explain to me, what program operates an optical drive and
performs actual burning on a blank media? Can growisofs recreate a
double layer BD (50GB) from it's (previously acquired under Win) ISO
image that contains UDF 2.5? How about cdrecord?

If it turns out that any of those command line programs can burn ISO
image containing UDF 2.5 to a blank BD-R DL media then this definitely
becomes a bug report to K3b developers.

Despite widely popular claims for "Blu-ray support" I see that most of
Linux users with BD burners use proprietary Nero for Linux 4.0 for
burning their BD-R DL (UTF 2.5) media because there was numerous coaster
incidents when using OSS tools. :(

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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