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Re: BD Drive performance


> Seeking recommendations for a new acquisition of BD-RE type drive that will
> function at rated performance.

They all should do, if no Defect Managment is involved and
if the computer and bus can deliver the necessary data rate.

A few months ago i bought an LG BH16NS40. It does 2.0x on
"2x" BD-RE media with xorriso and Stream Recording.
(Regrettably it does not reach the 2.3x speed of the old

A problem with any advise is that drive models change frequently
and that the sucessor model might be a completely different
drive with completely different firmware. It's a very promiscuous

> Normally .5x burns are typical and 1x is possible with special
> options.

I assume you mean Stream Recording or formatting without Spare Area.
Further assumed you use normal 2x media, i wonder what might
slow down your data transfer.

What driver buffer fills are reported with your burn runs ?

Have a nice day :)


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