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Let me know osdir.com how it responds to this.


Long time no speak, Paul here again, I'm writing to see if you are happy to test out our SEO tool: my.reach.ai

I'd like you to try it out with your site osdir.com an let me know how it helps.

We just launched it today so you are one of the first to play with what has already been well received by our testers.. (see what the beta testers are saying below)

Here's the link: https://my.reach.ai/?email=cdwrite@other.debian.org&referer=4

but please help me develop it further, by feeding back to me any bugs for feature requests.

To summarise... we've made SEO simple.. It has been over complicated for far too long.

my.reach.ai enables you to...

Here's what our beta testers are saying about it.

"my.reach.ai is a completely new way of reviewing large-scale data in a simple, yet effective, interface and gaining great insights for strategic decisions and day-to-day running of your campaigns. With new features getting added frequently it’s a must-have toolkit for people who want the best and most accurate data out there."
Rob Hughes - Head of Organic Media - hômejames

"The MOOV: Hi-Resolution SERP Monitor is a great way to track the performance of your site against your competitors across a range of keywords. The real-time allows you to continuously monitor the performance of your SEO activity."
}Josh Darby, Director, Deepstack Media Ltd

"It is very interesting to be able to see a top 10, the daily search volatility of a Google update, backlink details and more all on the same page. This is a very cool development in SEO monitoring."
Stuart Langridge, TopSpotMalta.com

"My.reach.ai is a powerful suite of online marketing tools which provide data and insights for smart online marketers. If you don't have an account you are truly missing out. 10/10"
Director at Digital Destiny Marketing (Former European SEO Manager Unibet)


Feel free to mail me if you have any questions.

Best Regards

Paul Reilly
Chief Visionary Officer

Karma-Neutral Media Innovation Laboratory

IT Centre, Innovation Way, York Science Park,
University of York, YO10 5NP
+44 (0) 1904 236234 | Twitter | Facebook


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