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Re: Issues brining BD disks from the command line - write failures


> "dvdrecord" turned into a dead project in 2001 - 6 months after it started.

But no new forks arised since i began to compete with you.

> "cdrkit" turned into a deas project in May 2007 which is also 6 months after
> the start.

cdrkit is the fork by Debian. Last release was in 2010.
Now look at contemporary Debian ISO images:

  dd if=debian-7.0.0-amd64-netinst.iso count=100 | \
  strings | fgrep XORRISO | sed -e 's/  //g'


  XORRISO-1.2.6 2013.01.08.103001, LIBISOBURN-1.2.6, LIBISOFS-1.2.6, LIBBURN-1.2.6 2013050414444100

> >   export MKISOFS="xorrisofs"
> >   growisofs ...
> Why would you like to do that as long as there is the free maintained
> mkisofs?

If not for technical reasons then for the fact that mkisofs has been
thrown out of major Linux distros. (Expelled for social incompatibility
of distro maintainers and you, to be clear.)

MD5s ? ACLs ? zisofs ? File filters for encryption or compression ?
Support without accusations towards users ?

But of course one does not need growisofs, because xorriso can burn
to all the media which growisofs can burn.
I learned a lot from growisofs. Chapeau towards Andy Polyakov.

> > So is libburn, libisofs, libisoburn, cdrskin, and xorriso.

> But these are based on a conceptional mistake: they asume that you need no 
> special privileges to write optical media which is wrong.

My stuff burns CD, DVD, and BD on Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris.
On Linux and FreeBSD it needs rw-permission for the device file.
On Solaris it needs pfexec privileges "basic,sys_devices" and
r-permission for the device file in /dev/rdsk.

On Linux, you need superuser privileges only for SCSI commands
which are not listed by the kernel as legitimate commands.
All MMC commands are allowed. Also all commands from SPC and SBC,
which are needed for MMC drives.

Not allowed for normal users are the manufacturer-proprietary
commands which are issued by the quality checker QPxTool.

> Cdrtools work on:

Impressive. Chapeau again. (But where shall i get an Apollo MC68000
machine ? They were really nice, back in the early 1990s.)

Most user feedback about libburn comes from Linux.

> > The other stuff runs on any X/Open compliant system.
> I have seen similar claims from a  lot of people regarding their software.

Having had a Unix life before Linux, i know how to write portable C.

> > xorriso has been ported to the systems to which GRUB2 is ported.

> But it is not needed, as you could use mkisofs...

Not with GRUB2 script grub-mkrescue. I added several features
on request of Vladimir Serbinenko (and killed the GRUB2 fork of
mkisofs before it could get released).
Further Vladimir contributed code for HFS+ hybrid filesystem.

It is about production of MBR, GPT, and APM, for the purpose
of booting from CD and USB stick by BIOS, EFI, and Apple firmware.

> As you see, it makes sense to check software features from time to time.

The users have the choice ... if their distro maintainers
aren't refusing to package cdrtools, that is.

Have a nice day :)


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