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Re: [PATCH] growisofs error and dvd+rw-format manual page


> added you into footer as "consultant"

Then i have to work a bit more to deserve the title.

> dvd+rw-format [...] allows to [...] blank already
> written DVD-RW, DVD+RW and DVD-RAM media.

Blanking in the meaning of MMC applies only to DVD-RW.
The man page advises growisofs or dd for erasing data on BD-RE,

> It is not possible to format CD-RW by dvd+rw-format,
> you can use cdrskin, xorriso or wodim utility instead, see
> section EXAMPLES.

That's for blanking CD-RW, not for formatting.

UDF tools has a program cdrwtool which can format CD-RW.
Its man page advises
  cdrwtool -d /dev/cdrom -q
This seems to include creation of an UDF filesystem, which one
could later erase like with DVD-RAM.

> -blank[=full]
> [...]
> Blanking is used automatically in case  of  BD and
> DVD+RW  media.

I fail to understand this statement.
Neither BD-R, nor BD-RE, nor DVD+RW can be blanked.
One can overwrite data on BD-RE and DVD+RW. Rather not on BD-R.
(Well, one can by POW but the "orphanage" would get an overrun
 if this is done with gigabytes of data.)

> consulted  by  Thomass Schmitt <scdbackup@gmx.net>.

One "s" too many with "Thomas". :))

Have a nice day :)


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