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Hello Dear,

I am directing this letter persnoally to you. I am Miss Favour
Colibaly, from Burkina Faso. I work with the Global Security services,
There is this contract being awarded by the local gorverment in my
country, to my community. The issue of foriegn companies being the
best here in my country have generated a lot of arguement. The
community have decided that a foriegn contractor should be implyed to
handle the project. I was directly put incharge to negociate and seal
the contract, to any qaulify foriegn cotractor.

 I want you to apply for the contract. with any company name of your
choice. I will seal the contract on your name, and the money will be
paid into your account. You will send  %60 of the money, to execute
the contract here by our local contractors. The remaining %40 will be
shared 50 50 for you and me.  This is a good business not a spam mail
please, if only i can trust you. Call me or reply me fast, for more
Miss Favour Colibaly,

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