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Re: growisofs failing on some iso files


> I'd like to see restoring of dvd+rw-tools project development in the future.
> However, I'll doubtfully find enough time to fill in the missing "burning"
> knowledge 

I collected what i learned about burning optical media in
This includes many valuable insights gained by studying growisofs.

> > [Ubuntu bug 15424]
> Thanks for the comments, I forwarded potential readers of that report to
> your answers in this mailing-list archive.

Could you please add a comment that my diagnoses are quick shots
in order to illustrate the wide variety of listed problems.

Each such report deserves individual inspection as long as the reporter
is still available, can answer questions, and can make experiments.
I offer to care about them, if they are brought to my attention. E.g. by
the cdwrite list.
Our mileage may vary.


> I see the "reserving XX block" message when using DVD-RW:
> But not when DVD-R or DVD+RW is used:

DVD-R and unformatted DVD-RW are normally handled much the same.
But the DVD-RW was blanked in mode fast and you got a honest DVD drive:

> /dev/sr0: FEATURE 21h is not on, engaging DAO...

Feature 21h is "Incremental Streaming", a packet write type for DVD-R
and unformatted DVD-RW. It allows multi-session, i.e. the "grow" in
growisofs. Therefore growisofs uses it by default.
Incremental Streaming is always aligned to 32 KiB.

DVD-RW which were treated by command BLANK with blanking type 001b
cannot perform Incremental Streaming. Some drives are honest enough to
indicate this by not reporting feature 21h. Other drives report the
presence of this feature, regardless of the DVD-RW state. All drives
fail to burn such a DVD-RW if they do not use write tyoe DAO.

Fast blanking is performed by
  dvd+rw-format -blank
For a multi-session-capable DVD-RW one needs
  dvd+rw-format -blank=full
(plus patience, as this writes the complete medium size)

DVD+RW are a different story. They are overwritable random-access media
which need to be formatted before first use writing. But their formatting
method can run simultaneously with writing. So growisofs does not need
to wait a long time when it reports
  /dev/sr0: pre-formatting blank DVD+RW...
  /dev/sr0: restarting DVD+RW format...
Whatever, they have no clearly defined end-of-session and thus it
makes no difference for the result whether writing is aligned to
32 KiB. But alignment is very helpful for speed.

BD-RE and DVD-RAM are overwritable too. But they need to get formatted
entirely before writing can begin.

Then we have DVD+R, which differ from all these.
BD-R can be used similar to DVD+R, but can also try to emulate overwritable
media (cough).

xorriso's presentation of media to the user is described in
This tries to make them appear to the user as similar as possible.

Have a nice day :)


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