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Greetings to you my dear beloved one,

Greetings to you my dear beloved one,
I am Reverend Canon Steven writing, the mail you are about to go through is
about a brother who was carried away
with the things of the world and have done so much harm to people online by
scamming them of their hard earn money.
I know it would be difficult for you to believe this because of the evil acts
that are going on online every day,
this evil acts has made internet world unsafe for us, this act are really
affecting people and business and so on
that operate online.
So much is happening these days and people are suffering, these things are not
suppose to be happening, I am
contacting you because of Mr. David Wood who has been scamming people of their
money through (Free lotto business
proposal e.t.c) online and he has been using fake names, Id card and fake bank
account to deceive them of their
money, He made this confession before his death and he left some email contacts
which he has stolen money from.
If you have been scammed of your money, do write me back with the amount of
money you have lost and a brief
details how you where scammed and how many times you sent money to him and the
date and year it happened and the
name he used in scamming you.
I want you to take this serious even as much as you may find it hard to believe
but you have to take this one
serious because I am real and am a Reverend I would not hurt or lie to you.
I want you to know that your lost shall be granted to you with addition.
Contact me back with the required answers for further more through my private
email: rscc1022@hotmail.com.
Yours Sincerely
Rev. Steve Canon
God Bless You.

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